Thursday, February 25, 2010

Internet Safety

Internet safety is a serious and realistic problem for most computer people, even the most savvy. It is important that you understand how to protect yourself against identity theft and have the most up to date protection software! Ways to protect your computer include having a secure, unique password. Combine a variety of numbers and letters that would be difficult to hack into and make sure that your passwords are different for all of the sites where you have accounts. Another smart way to prevent viruses from harming your computer is to not click or download unknown or unrecognizable links. Protection block software and firewalls can aid in defending your system. A serious threat to children and teenagers takes the form of chat rooms. Predators stalk their victims and contact new ones through virtual chat rooms, BEWARE........always know who you are talking to and do not offer any personal information. Parents keep computers in an open area that allows you to maintain site of what places children are searching. Honestly, you can never be too safe when discussing the internet, so be smart and be careful!

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