Thursday, April 1, 2010

Interactive Classroom Learning!

1. Using the Utah State Core for US History, (standard 9 objective 2) I will determine the factors that affected the course of the war and contributed to Union victory specifically by investigating how the Civil War affected all people in the United States. Political cartoons provide an interesting look into life. Prezi is an online-based presentation program that allows for an exciting 3-D experience built from a user-friendly framework. If we could figure it out in less than ten minutes, we knew our students could too. Integrating the two elements--political cartoons and Prezi--is incredibly effective, especially considering the simplicity of my teaching objective. I want to ensure that higher-order thinking occurred for each student, and foster an opportunity to facilitate this by having them create their own Prezi presentations. By comparing the finished products to those of other students it is effective for student comprehension and demonstrates their artistic minds. The technology improves the learning experience for students because they need to organize and present their conclusions in a coherent manner.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Google tools= Awesome

So last week in class we observed how Google tools can be used in the classroom. The technology I am most impressed with and will utilize in my classroom are Google Documents and Google Wave. I am a huge fan already of Google documents, they have been great for creating study guides and completing group projects. I would facilitate that same growth in my classroom because it is a collaborative way to create and produce projects. Group work is fun for students and nurtures social interaction, as the teacher I can see their work and give feedback. Google wave is the new gadget that is a hybrid of instant messenger and google doc. Students could use it for group projects or notes because you can see the progressive conversations and comments of all students. Interactive and awesome this technology could revolutionize how students record notes, study and communicate with their friends. The classroom can expand outside of the walls and be accessible for absent or traveling students. Information is available from any computer with internet access. The technology that keeps coming out is truly amazing and aiding teachers to better teach, engage, and entertain students across the world!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Internet Safety

Internet safety is a serious and realistic problem for most computer people, even the most savvy. It is important that you understand how to protect yourself against identity theft and have the most up to date protection software! Ways to protect your computer include having a secure, unique password. Combine a variety of numbers and letters that would be difficult to hack into and make sure that your passwords are different for all of the sites where you have accounts. Another smart way to prevent viruses from harming your computer is to not click or download unknown or unrecognizable links. Protection block software and firewalls can aid in defending your system. A serious threat to children and teenagers takes the form of chat rooms. Predators stalk their victims and contact new ones through virtual chat rooms, BEWARE........always know who you are talking to and do not offer any personal information. Parents keep computers in an open area that allows you to maintain site of what places children are searching. Honestly, you can never be too safe when discussing the internet, so be smart and be careful!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is the difference between effective and ineffective media in the classroom?

For one of my education courses I have been going into classrooms and observing the teachers. The first school I visited was an elementary school and surprisingly I LOVED it! One particular thing I appreciated was the different forms of media used in the fourth grade class. Bill Nye the Science Guy made evaporation, condensation, precipitation and all other kinds of weather fun. School House Rock aided the students in learning their multiplication facts with catchy tunes. When I taught I used a smart board so the students could interact with maps and follow the Dominguez-Escalante Trail. At Walden, a unique charter school, technology played an integral role.
The internet was indispensable, especially Youtube. Video clips, photographs, and music enabled students to understand the creative side of education. However, in many situations the technology distracted the students from their real assignment and while it was entertaining they did not extrapolate the meaning of a particular principle. Technology can visually recreate a period, an event, or a person but it remains important to read and ponder the significance of history. The human element of teaching can be lost and be replaced by media.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Education is Fun!

Peter Fantacone Recalls His Memories Of DDay, Serving In The US Navy. I am fascinated by WWII and especially D-Day. My grandfather Clifford Johnson landed in France that day on Normandy and served an honorable tour in Europe. This particular video is very well done and sponsored by A&E. The photos that are shown during the movie are personal collections and he clarified that he is reading his own first hand account of the eventful day. A moving tribute to his friends and fellow service men and women, patriotic music played in the background with a couple voice over moments. This a great video to show to students interested in understanding a real life experience.
I liked this story a lot because it represents the significance of history!

The second video is from vimeo and is a beautiful outdoor scene. This nature scene illustrated and spoke to me about the fragile and ever changing environment we live in. The 2 minute clip has no complications or illegal problems. The natural sounds and pictures evoke an aesthetically pleasing scenario and demonstrate the changing of seasons and passing of time. Educational in a more liberal sense this video promotes the beauty and majesty of nature.

One year in 120 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

I love to learn and this activity helped me understand what is legal and ethical when creating an educational message.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why social networking!

For all those curious friends or family or strangers.....yes I do it too, I read strangers blogs, I am officially beginning one. My Technology in the Classroom course required us to start and I thought this could be good since I have been wanting to keep a blog for months.......welcome to the 21st century! The prompt for class this week centered on the influence of technology/social networking on the Church. All of the new technology is fantastic for the church! I am amazed that my family in New York can watch conference or any talks broadcast by the Church at the same time I am. Also with social networking the gospel can be taught in numerous ways. The internet allows access to a variety sources such as youtube which plays church videos, a wealth of talks archived on the church website and the opportunity to chat with other members around the world. Facebook creates groups for members in stakes, from specific missions and enables members to strengthen relationships across the globe. Blogging is another way for families to stay connected and share the special gospel message. I am excited to get going and create a great blog so that you strangers will keep coming back! Peace and Love!