Thursday, March 4, 2010

Google tools= Awesome

So last week in class we observed how Google tools can be used in the classroom. The technology I am most impressed with and will utilize in my classroom are Google Documents and Google Wave. I am a huge fan already of Google documents, they have been great for creating study guides and completing group projects. I would facilitate that same growth in my classroom because it is a collaborative way to create and produce projects. Group work is fun for students and nurtures social interaction, as the teacher I can see their work and give feedback. Google wave is the new gadget that is a hybrid of instant messenger and google doc. Students could use it for group projects or notes because you can see the progressive conversations and comments of all students. Interactive and awesome this technology could revolutionize how students record notes, study and communicate with their friends. The classroom can expand outside of the walls and be accessible for absent or traveling students. Information is available from any computer with internet access. The technology that keeps coming out is truly amazing and aiding teachers to better teach, engage, and entertain students across the world!