Thursday, April 1, 2010

Interactive Classroom Learning!

1. Using the Utah State Core for US History, (standard 9 objective 2) I will determine the factors that affected the course of the war and contributed to Union victory specifically by investigating how the Civil War affected all people in the United States. Political cartoons provide an interesting look into life. Prezi is an online-based presentation program that allows for an exciting 3-D experience built from a user-friendly framework. If we could figure it out in less than ten minutes, we knew our students could too. Integrating the two elements--political cartoons and Prezi--is incredibly effective, especially considering the simplicity of my teaching objective. I want to ensure that higher-order thinking occurred for each student, and foster an opportunity to facilitate this by having them create their own Prezi presentations. By comparing the finished products to those of other students it is effective for student comprehension and demonstrates their artistic minds. The technology improves the learning experience for students because they need to organize and present their conclusions in a coherent manner.